3 Things To Know About Exterior Painting And Your Home

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While switching up your home's exterior paint may seem like an aesthetic decision, there's more to it than that. Your home's exterior paint is there to protect your home and improve its appearance. Exterior house painting is an essential aspect of home maintenance that can also improve your property's curb appeal and value. Here are some things you should know about exterior house painting.

Preparation Makes A Difference

There's more to painting your home than applying primer and then a new coat of paint. Taking the time to prepare your home's exterior for paint makes a significant difference in the outcome. Before painting or hiring a professional to paint your house, it is essential to prepare the exterior properly. Proper preparation involves cleaning, sanding, and priming the surfaces to ensure the paint adheres properly. You can do this work by yourself or you can leave it to the professionals. If you hire professional painters, ask whether this prep work is included in the estimate. 

Paint Type Matters

The type of exterior paint you choose will impact how it looks, its longevity, and how well it protects your home. Most exterior paints are designed to withstand the elements, including UV rays, rain, and temperature changes. Therefore, you will want to look for high-quality paint suitable for the type of surface you are painting. The climate where you live can also affect the type of paint you choose. For example, if you live in a humid area, you may need exterior paint that resists mildew and mold growth. If you struggle to select paint, your contractor can help. 

How Much It Costs To Hire A Professional

While painting your home yourself can save money, hiring a professional painter ensures a high-quality finish. Using a contractor is often a better choice for larger or more complex homes. How much it costs to hire a professional to tackle your residential exterior painting depends on your paint choice and the size of your home. Most homeowners spend between $1,800 and $13,000 on exterior house painting services, with the average cost being around $3,000.

There are a few things to know about residential exterior painting. First, preparing your home's exterior makes a significant difference. Second, you will want to choose exterior paint that suits your home and your climate. Finally, the cost of hiring a professional to paint your home will be higher than doing it yourself, but many find it well worth the cost.