Removing Asbestos From Your Building

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When asbestos is discovered in a building, it is imperative to remove it as soon as possible to minimize exposure to it. In the case of commercial buildings, the business may even be forced to close until the asbestos has been removed. If your building needs to undergo this work, there are several steps in the process that will have to be completed.

Comprehensive Interior Testing

Before the removal process can begin, it is essential to identify all of the sources of asbestos that are in the building. Otherwise, it's likely that some of the asbestos may be left behind by the removal contractors. During this step, samples of materials where asbestos is commonly found will need to be tested. A common example of this may be insulation as it can be impossible to tell whether asbestos is present by simply looking at the insulation. Once this testing has been completed, the asbestos removal contractor can provide you with a plan for effectively and efficiently removing all of the asbestos from inside the building.

Preparation And Removal Of The Asbestos

The interior of the building may need some preparations before it can undergo the asbestos removal process. For example, furniture may need to be moved from the area that is undergoing work, tarps may be needed to prevent asbestos particles from landing on surfaces during the removal process and there may be a need to remove portions of walls or floorboards to reach the asbestos. Once this work has been completed, the removal process can safely begin. As this work is being done, the building should be vacated to avoid exposure to any airborne asbestos particles that may occur from this work.

Inspection And Certification

After the asbestos removal service has completed its work, local building codes may require the structure to be inspected so that it can be certified as free of asbestos. This is especially important for businesses since it will often be required before the business can be granted a license to begin operations. Fortunately, this type of inspection can require minimal amounts of time to complete. Furthermore, a professional asbestos removal service will have provided quality results that will ensure that the building will pass the asbestos inspection and certification process. This can help your enterprise to avoid significant delays in its opening, which may reduce the total losses and costs that this issue causes the business.

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