How To Maximize Value During Kitchen Remodeling

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Kitchen remodeling is generally one of the better values in the renovation world. You probably will want to maximize the value of a remodel. Fortunately, you can turn your renovation focus to these 5 areas to maximize the return on your investment.


People often focus on things that drive resale value. However, it's also wise to think about cost-cutting measures. Adding efficient systems to a kitchen provides instant value to you while you use it while offering long-term appeal to potential buyers, too.

Try to target simple renovations that will return value right away. Reducing water waste with low-flow faucets, for example, is a good choice. Many people even install drinking-only faucets that include filtration and reduce outputs. Likewise, you can add automated shut-offs that will kill the water flow if it's left on too long.

Lighting is another area where kitchen remodeling can return quick value. Moving to an LED system from almost anything older will likely improve your electricity bills. You can install newer windows to let in extra natural light, too. Even better, those windows will likely have better insulation values than the ones that are in your kitchen now.

Space Usage

Kitchen remodeling is an excellent chance to rethink the usable space in the cooking and dining areas. Many kitchens impose on the places where people move. If you can slim down the cabinets, islands, and other features even a few inches, you'll be surprised how much space you'll reclaim.


Cooking spaces tend to get messy, and sometimes stuff in them even catches fire. Adding protection is a good way to preserve value. Likewise, many features like backsplashes protect walls from wetness and staining while also adding aesthetic appeal. A range hood is an excellent choice, too, because it can keep smoke and grease from accumulating in the kitchen.

Small Pieces of Hardware

Tiny pieces of hardware often tip the age and style of a kitchen. Simply swapping out the handles on the drawers and cupboards, for example, can help you rapidly modernize a kitchen. Faucets and sink basins have much the same influence. Look around for little things to renovate quickly like light fixtures, too.

Practical Features

You don't have to take value just in monetary terms. You also can maximize value by making a kitchen more practical. Adding a desirable feature like a pantry can make a kitchen vastly more functional. Also, look at how the floor plan affects traffic. 

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