Not Just Looks But Function: Key Components Of A Successful Bathroom Remodel

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Bathrooms are undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of any home. But with wear comes tear and soon enough, the time will come for an upgrade. While many may immediately think of replacing fixtures in a bathroom, there are several key components that should be considered to successfully remodel a bathroom that will last. Looking at both the current working order of appliances in addition to touching up elements for a fresh look is essential to enhancing overall performance and aesthetics. Here are a few key items to consider for a bathroom remodel

When it comes to appliances or fixtures that are damaged or aged, it is best not to cut corners and to ensure they are replaced with quality items guaranteed to last. Toilets, faucets, drains, and piping should all be inspected to guarantee that everything is in functioning order. With these appliances and components being key to a well-maintained bathroom, they are extremely important to replace when needed. A worn-out toilet, for instance, can be replaced with a newer model that allows for environmentally-friendly flushing options. Showers that show signs of being outdated can be updated with a clean and sleek design instead, allowing for function and a modern aesthetic. Likewise, pipes that show signs of corrosion should be replaced immediately to prohibit the occurrence of leaks or mold buildup.

While appliances are certainly a priority when remodeling a bathroom, the overall look must also be considered. A fresh coat of paint is recommended for bathroom walls, preferably in a light tone as this accentuates cleanliness. If a stark white is not desired, a softer eggshell or light-colored neutral would also work well. Pops of color can be a fun way to add an exciting addition to a bathroom remodel and can be included in the forms of cabinet fixtures, wood trim, and decor. Worn-out grout should also be taken into account in the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. A clean, fresh finish of grout will undoubtedly add to the final product. 

With any bathroom remodel, an upgraded and clean look is often desired. Whether modern or traditional, minimalistic or show-stopping, a successful bathroom remodel will always begin with functionality. Carefully inspecting all appliances and fixtures are in working order is key to guaranteeing a bathroom that is made to stand the test of time. Luckily, scores of green ways to upgrade appliances that are visually appealing to everyone and provide excellent upgrades. Likewise, giving the bathroom a fresh look through paint and smaller fixtures will certainly turn heads while adding to the pleasing aesthetic chosen. All in all, a strong focus on functionality paired with a pleasing visual upgrade will make for a successful bathroom remodel.