Should You Replace Your Siding? 3 Signs It's Time

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Replacing your siding is a big expense and one that you may not always be prepared for. Sometimes your siding has to be replaced after something like a storm, or other types of environmental damage, or there may be times it needs to be replaced, as it's just past its lifetime. Siding can last for years, but those years can pass quickly. If you aren't sure if you should have your siding replaced, read on for a few signs that it's definitely time.

1. It's An Eyesore

If your siding is an eyesore, it may be time to replace your siding. If your home is the one on the block that just doesn't quite fit in, looks unsightly, and just appears disheveled, it may be your siding. Sure, you can try to re-landscape around the house, trim your trees and shrubs, but if it's still unsightly, it may just be the siding. Replacing your siding can help give your home more curb appeal and prevent your home from looking like the scary house in every movie. 

2. It Doesn't Come Clean

You can try to spray your siding with a pressure washer to give it a cleaner look and make it look like new again. However, if you have tried this and it's not helping, or it's faded so much that it appears dirty, it's time to replace it. Vinyl siding can accumulate with mold and mildew, which can sometimes be cleaned off, but with sun fade, it can be difficult to clean off with time. Aluminum siding can be sprayed down to clean it, but with time it can get chalky and lose its color, which can appear dirty. Replace your siding if it's gotten to this point.

3. It's In Need Of Too Many Repairs

If your siding is in need of too many repairs, as it has holes in it or cracks, you should have your siding replaced altogether. It can be difficult to repair siding, and it can make it appear even more unsightly if you are filling in a lot of holes with silicone, or have patches everywhere. Instead of making your home look like the house of Frankenstein, have your siding replaced and new siding installed instead.

If you aren't sure if you should have your siding replaced, have a professional installation company come take a look at your siding to help you decide. If your siding is old, unsightly, in need of repairs, or isn't anywhere near the old color it once was, it may be time.

To get started or to learn more, reach out to a local siding replacement service.