Home Remodeling Challenges: Four Tips To Finishing Basement Living Space

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Many different types of remodeling can present challenges, but the basement may be one of the most difficult areas to finish. You will have to deal with things like waterproofing, egress codes and the layout of rooms, the kitchens, and bathrooms in your basement. Here are some tips to help you with your basement finishing project and add the valuable living space you want to add to your home:

1. Choosing The Best Drainage And Waterproofing For Basements

Before you begin finishing your basement, you will need to address any waterproofing issues. This should begin outside your home with good drainage to ensure water does not drain against foundation walls. In addition, you can also have waterproofing systems added to walls and interior drainage systems installed to help keep water out of your finished basement.

2. Finishing Basements With Durable Water Resistant Materials

Even with good drainage and excellent waterproofing, basements can be prone to moisture due to factors like condensation. To deal with these problems, you may have interior drainage systems installed. In addition to the drainage, you can also use more durable basement finishing materials like concrete or epoxy floor finishes, vinyl wall coverings, and other materials that will not be damaged due to exposure to moisture.

3. Laying Out Basement Floorplans To Meet Egress Requirements

The location of bedrooms is also an important feature to consider. If your basement finishing project is for an in-law suite or apartment, windows will need to meet egress codes. This means that any bedroom has to have windows that allow for escape in case of an emergency. This is why it is best to locate bedrooms on outside walls when finishing your basement.  

4. Choosing The Location Of Mechanicals And Equipment In Your Basement

It is also important to consider the location of mechanicals systems in your basement. You will want to have them located in an area that is easy to access, but you may also want to keep them away from areas like bedrooms. The mechanical rooms can usually be in a central location at the back of basements to use other available space for things like kitchens and bedrooms.

These are some tips to help you add the valuable living space you want to add to your home. If you need help with renovations and designs for your project, contact a basement finishing contractor to get the help you need completing your basement. 

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