4 Common Plumbing Issues And How To Handle Them With The Help Of A Pro

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Sometimes, water supply lines, drain pipes, and more may present issues that are easy to fix and don't cost much. However, if you wait to address more significant problems, like a backed-up sewage system, the results could be catastrophic. Hence, you must be aware of the common issues in every home's plumbing system to prevent costly repairs to your walls, floors, and other valuables. Furthermore, due diligence will speed up the process of identifying and implementing fixes to problems in their infancy. Here are some common household plumbing problems and their solutions. 

Slow Movement of Tub Water

The downward movement of water draining from a bathtub faces frequent obstructions from hair and other debris present in the drains. When this happens, you must remove the obstructions causing slow water movement. However, cleaning the debris stuck in the drain can be tough, especially if you do not have any prior plumbing experience or the necessary gear to do the task. So, get in touch with a qualified plumber if this is the case with your bathroom fixture.

The Sump Pump Broke Down

This is another common issue that every homeowner has confronted at least once. Whether the devices' internal components are faulty or some external factor is to blame, a failing pump is always unpleasant. Mostly, stuck switches, poor pump installation, blocked discharge pipes, and excessive rain are the chief causes of your device's failure. Further, it is also advisable to repair or replace sump pumps older than ten years, as they are more likely to break down.

The Garbage Disposal Is Clogged

Under most kitchen sinks, between the drain and the trap, you'll find a garbage disposal. However, this kitchen waste pipe can get clogged if you run it dry or dispose of scraps like potato peels and cornhusks. To fix the issue, begin by pressing the "reset" button. If it doesn't work, try to remove the motor. Alternatively, call in a pro who understands how the system works to avoid damaging it.

Broken Pipes

There are several potential causes of a pipe leak, including corrosion, high water pressure, persistent blockage, and damaged pipes or seals. Note that it's not worth risking your plumbing or home by ignoring the issue, no matter how small it might seem. More so, it's best to contact a professional plumber for assistance instead of handling the leak without prior experience, as this could lead to more significant damage.

These are some common plumbing problems that may affect your home. The good news is that a qualified plumbing contractor can help find solutions before the issue becomes catastrophic and causes water damage. Reach out to a local plumbing service to find out more.