The Process Of Restoring Your Home After A Fire

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Did you recently have a house fire and are not sure what to do next? If so, you are likely going to need a professional residential damage restoration service to help you out. Here are some things to know about how the process works.

Handle Your Emergency Needs

The restoration process starts the day that you suffer your loss since the goal is to start the process as soon as possible. While you are handling the process of finding temporary housing so that you have a place to stay, the fire damage restoration company will start the process of securing your home. Windows and doors may need to be boarded up, holes in the roof will need to be tarped, and steps need to be taken to make sure nobody can get into your home. You still have your belongings inside the home, even if they are covered in soot, and you want to ensure they are secure.

Assess The Damage

The home will need to be assessed for how much damage was actually caused by the fire. This includes damage from the fire itself, as well as smoke and soot damage. There may be physical parts of the structure that will need to be replaced and other areas that need to be cleaned to remove the odor of the smoke that was left behind after the fire. 

Remove The Water

There will likely be quite a bit of water damage caused by putting out the fire. All of that water will need to be removed from the home to dry it out. Powerful fans and dehumidifiers will be brought in to remove any remaining water in the air so that the moisture levels can be normal again.

Sanitize and Disinfect The Home

All of the soot will need to be removed from surfaces in your home to start the process of restoring the damage that is caused. This includes walls, ceilings, floors, and permanent fixtures of your home. Personal property that was damaged by smoke and soot will need to be removed for professional cleaning, which is done by putting the items in an ozone treatment room and the molecules that cause the odor. 

Restore The Structure

At this point, the restoration company can start the process of restoring your home back to the way it was. This is done by replacing parts of your home that are damaged beyond repair, such as drywall, flooring, and other construction materials. Once that is finished, your cleaned personal property can be brought back into the home and put back where it belongs.