4 Ways Air Conditioning Services Prepare Your Furnace For The Cold Season

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A furnace failure in the middle of winter can be life-threatening, especially for vulnerable people like seniors and very young children. It is always prudent to prepare the central air conditioning for the cold season by calling in conditional air conditioning services to diagnose and fix any problems. The furnace plays a key role in making the house comfortable in cold weather, so it should receive extra attention.  How do air conditioning services prepare the furnace for its combustion function?

1. Pass the Eye Test 

A heating technician can identify different faults just by a visual inspection or eye test. They will ensure the venting pipe and drainage tubes are properly fastened.  They will also check that the pilot light is on and the area around it is free of grime. 

An inspection can also reveal any gas leaks, sniffing for a rotten egg smell, which is the telltale sign of a gas leak.  The eye test usually identifies the majority of the problems that need a deeper diagnosis. 

2. Clear the Condensation Drain Tube

The combustion process produces steam, most of which escapes through the exhaust. The remainder cools down and condenses into water, and collects in a collection box.  A drainage tube evacuates this water to the outside.

Algae and fungi growth in the collection box and drainage tube can cause clogging and eventually blockage of the drainage tube. Modern systems can sense this blockage and shut down to prevent the buildup of dangerous fumes.

Air conditioning services fix this problem by blowing air forcefully through the drainage tube to clear the blockage. They then run an antiseptic through the tube to kill algae, fungi, and mold.  Cleaning the collection box also prevents algae growth from this point. 

3. Inspect and Clean the Flame Sensor 

Grime buildup on the flame sensor reduces its sensitivity. It can shut down the system altogether when it gets very dirty. Air conditioning services will usually unscrew this unit for inspection.  They clean it with a solvent to clear any oil-based grime and dust.  This cleaning should be done at the beginning of every cold season.

4. Test the Thermostat

The thermostat is key to controlling temperature in the house, and hence the working of the furnace. If it is faulty, the furnace could overwork or work below par. Therefore, air conditioning services will also turn off the power to check whether the wires are properly fastened.

Are you worried your central heating is not ready for the cold season? Call air conditioning services to arrange to inspect, diagnose and fix any problems.