3 Waterproffing Methods That Can Be Used On Your House

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Waterproofing your house may take a combination of things to get the best results possible. Before you make any decisions about what you need to do, you should talk to a contractor so that they can come and evaluate your house, see how much water is getting into your basement, and what measures you might already have in place. But, what are some of the different waterproofing measures that the contractor may use in order to make sure that no more water gets into your basement?

Paintable Membranes

These are membranes that can be applied to your walls just like paint. The product is actually a little thicker than paint and may take a little more work to fully cover the walls. However, once it dries, it fills all the little holes and pores in the wall where the water can come leaking in. It can also be applied to the floor and then covered with flooring, if necessary. The nice thing about using this membrane on your walls is that it can be covered by paint, so no one can tell that it's there. You might want to use a primer in between the paint and the membrane, just to get the best coverage. 

Gutter Extensions

Another thing that the contractor may suggest is that you get some gutter or downspout extensions. Generally, your home's downspouts end near the foundation of your house, and that can actually funnel water right into your foundation and basement. An easy solution that the contractor can suggest is just putting simple extensions on your downspouts. That will let the water end up in a different place, which keeps it away from your basement. 

External Membranes

These are membranes that are going to be installed on the outside of your house. The way to do that is to uncover part of your foundation, install the membrane, and cover it back up. Once that has been done on one wall, the contractor can move to the next wall and do the same thing. If you use this product in conjunction with other options, you are likely to get a better result than using it just by itself. 

Keeping the water out of your basement and foundation is going to help your house last longer. If you are concerned about how much water might be getting into your basement, talk to a contractor to find out what all your options are. They can provide more information regarding waterproofing services