Signs It's Time To Call A Roofing Contractor To Take A Look At Your Roof

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Different problems can develop with your roof, and if you don't know the signs to look for, you may not even realize your roof has a problem. Keeping a watch out for potential issues with your roof allows you to get help early on before a lot of water damage is done. While a ceiling that drips water over your easy chair is a pretty good sign your roof is in trouble, some of the following signs can be less obvious.

Your Roof Looks Bruised

If the asphalt shingles on your roof have small spots that look like bruises, you may be seeing damage from hail strikes. Hail strikes can cover your roof with small dents that look like bruises, and these marks can indicate serious problems with your roof. You'll want to have hail damage looked at right away by a roofer in case your roof needs to be repaired or replaced within the time window allowed by your insurance company.

You Notice Damage After A Tree Is Trimmed

One common cause of roof damage is when tree branches scrape against the shingles when the wind blows. If this goes on long enough, the shingles can be knocked loose and your roof may leak. If you had the branches trimmed away from the tree and you see loose, missing, or damaged shingles, or if the tree trimmer reported them, call a roofer to make repairs. When damage is in a limited area, it's often possible to make repairs by taking off the damaged shingles and putting on new ones.

Your House Smells Musty

If your home has a musty odor and you can't figure out where it's coming from, don't forget to check the attic. If your roof has been leaking for a while, there might be mold growing in the attic that is giving your home a bad odor. When you smell a musty odor, that's a sign of a water leak somewhere in your house, so you should keep looking until you find it so you can stop water damage from getting worse.

You See Raccoons Coming And Going From Your Roof

It's cute to see squirrels scampering across your roof, but raccoons are another story. These crafty animals will find a way inside your attic if they can, and once they get comfortable, you may see them come out at dusk and dawn every day to hunt for food. Raccoons in the attic may seem like a humorous thing, but these creatures can be very destructive. They may have chewed a hole right through your roof to get inside. When you suspect you have raccoons in your attic, call a residential roofing contractor to seal up the hole so the raccoon is blocked out.

You may need to coordinate the roofer's visit with an animal removal professional to make sure the raccoons are gone before the roof is sealed off, because the last thing you want is angry raccoons trapped inside your house.