Septic System Maintenance Recommendations For Your New Home

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When you buy and move into a new home, there are many new details and home quirks to figure out, such as the location of the fuse box and the plumbing clean-out access. When you are going to buy a home with a septic system, you want to have it inspected before buying the home and keep it well-maintained throughout its lifetime. Here are some recommendations to help you keep tabs on and maintain your home's septic system before and after moving into your home.

Inspect Your System

Before you purchase a home, you should do some checking on the home's septic system, its location, and condition. Before you invest in buying a home, you want to make sure there are no home systems on the verge of or already showing damage from wear, age, or other problems. Talk to the home's seller about inspecting the septic system along with the entire home after you are under contract to purchase the home. At this point, you have a vested interest in the condition of the home and want to hire a professional septic inspection.

Your septic inspector will check the tank location, condition, and its fluid level, along with where its drain field is located and what type of vegetation is growing above it. Your inspector will look for and alert you to any problems in the tank and drain fields, including cracks, clogs, or the wrong type of vegetation growing in the yard above the system, for example.

Ensure Its Accessibility

A professional inspector will need to check the inside of the septic tank during the inspection, which will require them to open the tank hatch in the yard of the home you are going to buy. If they have trouble accessing the tank through its access hatch on the property, this can be a problem and they will let you know.

Some tank access hatches have been buried under soil and to locate them you need to dig through some of the topsoil to access the site. In this situation, you will need to ask the seller to make an adjustment to the septic tank by adding risers from the top of the tank to the top of the soil, providing easy access into the tank for maintenance. Or you can adjust the home's purchase price to reflect this change, which you can hire to be completed.

Continue with Regular Maintenance

Once you buy the home on a septic system, keep it maintained with regular tank check and pumping, when necessary. Depending on the size of your household and your tank's capacity, you will need to have it checked regularly. Your septic system service professional can recommend a maintenance schedule based on its capacity.

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