Reasons To Recommend Clients Have Their Water Tested

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Your construction business is important to you and you want your clients to be as informed during their residential or commercial build as possible. Part of the building process is ensuring water quality, especially when a person is building on newly cultivated land or a recently excavated area. Here are reasons you should suggest your clients have their water tested. You can recommend a water testing company to your clients, or include testing in your construction bid and outsource the work to be done.

Lack of recent testing

If the area your client is building on hasn't been tested for water quality in the past few years, then a current test is appropriate. This is especially important if your clients are building on new land that doesn't have other nearby buildings where water may have been tested for other areas.

New water well drilling

If your client is having a private well drilled for their property as part of their construction, then suggest a water test to be on the safe side. A well should be dug deep enough to prevent sediment from getting into a client's water source, so the water should be tested for quality before the well is dug and again after the well has been completed for water purity.

Recent water quality issues

Certain water quality issues in city and private water systems, such as a broken or missing filter or failing pump, is a sign that your clients should have their water tested. Even if the local city municipality has tested the water in the area and deemed the drinking water potable, have your clients get a second test done to ensure their own water system is up to par.

Revealed pollution during construction

Environmental concerns during new construction is a sign that water should be tested for quality. If you are building on a site that was recently excavated, pollution from previous demolitions may be present in the land's water supply. Have water tested for common local pollutants as well as gas, oil, and other waste that may have been left behind during the demolition process.

In most cases, your client's water supply should be safe for drinking. However, having water tested for quality is one way you can help your clients enjoy their new building without worry. Contact your clients to discuss the importance of water testing and allow them to make the final decision. Reach out to a company like Green Living Water Solutions for more information.