Want To Add Value To A Rental Home? 4 Projects To Consider Doing This Year

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If you own a rental home, it is likely that you will want to do your best to make sure that the property is as rentable as possible. A good way to do this is with regular remodeling projects that can help keep the home looking great and attracting potential customers with the implementation of current trends. By staying up to do with what kinds of trends are in new properties, you can keep attracting potential renters.

Open Floor Plan

While knocking down walls and rearranging the layout of the property may sound like a lot of money invested into the property, it is a fantastic way to add a ton of value to the property. In fact, you can expect a massive improvement to the value of the home with the addition of an open floor plan. Keeping the kitchen and main living area open can help the space feel much larger as well, helping to attract renters when the project is finished.

Updated Finishes

Taking a walk through the rental home and checking out all the finishing, such as knobs on cabinets and handles on doors can give you a good idea of what kind of condition they are in. By replacing the finishes and sticking with a similar style can help make a big improvement in the way the home looks. These small changes can also change the look enough to make some of the features, such as cabinets and doors, to look more expensive—allowing you to charge more for rent.

Bold Paint Choices

If you want to attract younger renters, one of the best ways to do so is by giving the rental home some character and helping it stand out. Since many potential tenants are going to be viewing several homes before settling with a specific one, you can choose bold colors for the walls so that it stands out.

White or Grey Cabinets

Neutral colors such as light beige and brown have been popular in kitchens for many years, but the trend is slowly disappearing in favor of light colors such as white or grey. Luckily, a fresh coat of paint can be easy to do for the cabinets in either the kitchen or bathroom, allowing you to make a cheap fix in the home.

With so many ways to improve the look and value of your rental home, it makes sense to explore what can be done to attract potential tenants. From small changes to larger projects, you can benefit from getting assistance from a home remodeling company that can help make the best changes in your home.