When Resale Value Is Not The Priority: Home Addition Ideas For Families

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Home renovations are not unusual, but adding additional space is less common. This is because it can be much more expensive than a traditional remodel, may be difficult or impossible to do on limited lot sizes or with specific layouts or because people do not feel the need to have more space. With all of that in mind, if someone is going to take the plunge and increase their home size with an addition, it is important to make certain it will be useful, enjoyable and worth the effort. Here are some ideas for added rooms that are all of these things.  

A Sunny Room

Sunrooms are wonderful additions because they can provide a space to retreat into, entertain and even grow a few extra plants. These rooms can help to bring the outside in during the spring and summer and help to capture extra light when the days shorten over the rest of the year.  

Extra Kitchen Storage

No matter how well-planned or large a kitchen is, there never seems to be enough space. A pantry is a great addition because it can store overstock in food and cleaning supplies as well as be handy location for extra small appliances and over-sized cookware. Pantries are also useful for establishing recycling centers.

Dedicated Creative Space

How about a craft room for the kids, a sculpting studio or someplace to write the great American novel? Creative spaces that can be closed off from the rest of the home are a wonderful addition for an imaginative family. It keeps the mess in one place, protects works-in-progress from curious hands or house pets and lets everyone have a space where they can get away from everything and just daydream.  

A Guest Suite

An extra room designed just for visitors will make them feel welcome and will stop the bedroom shuffle that happens when the holidays arrive. Children are no longer forced to share beds, and the sofa bed in the family room can stay folded away. En-suite rooms mean the guests will always have their privacy during their stay and life for the rest of the family will never be disrupted.

Too often, home additions are judged only by their resale value to a home. This is not always the best measure of what an addition is worth. Many families have no interest in reselling or are planning a move so far in the future--what they do now is not really applicable. In these instances, families need to choose a room addition that pleases them and will be useful in their lives.  

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