3 Tips To Help Keep Mold Out Of Your Locker Rooms

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Many forms of mold thrive in environments where moisture is present. With the sweat-soaked gear and shower facilities that populate most locker rooms, these facilities are the perfect environment for mold growth.

If you want to prevent mold from affecting the athletes that use your locker rooms, here are three tips you can use to keep mold out of locker rooms in the future.

1. Turn up the temperature in your locker rooms.

Mold can often begin to form in areas where moisture condenses. Condensation occurs when the water vapor in the air begins to cool and turn back into its liquid form. These water droplets adhere to cool surfaces.

The steam produced by hot showers and the cool surface of tiled walls provide the perfect conditions for condensation to occur. By increasing the temperature in your locker rooms, you delay the condensation process by preventing water vapor from cooling. This will keep mold from forming in areas of heavy condensation within your locker rooms

2. Ensure locker room surfaces are completely dry after cleaning.

Many facilities clean their locker rooms on a regular basis, but unless cleaned surfaces are left completely dry, mold may begin to form. The spores of some molds can germinate after only 12 hours, and begin growing within 24 to 48 hours.

By wiping every surface in your locker room dry after cleaning, you eliminate the moisture source needed for mold spores to grow. This will help prevent mold from becoming a problem in your locker rooms.

3. Instruct athletes to remove any wet clothing from the locker rooms.

A rigorous practice often results in the production of sweat. If athletes allow their sweat-dampened clothing to remain in a locker room, they could be contributing to mold growth. Allowing wet clothing to sit for a day or more gives mold spores time to begin growing.

By instructing the athletes who frequent your locker rooms to remove wet clothing and dry it out properly, you can deter mold from growing in the locker rooms in your facility. In the event that wet clothing does cause mold growth, contact a mold remedial specialist to completely remove spores from the area.

Keeping locker rooms clean can be a challenge, but it is possible to maintain a mold-free environment. All you need to do is turn up the temperature in your locker rooms, wipe surfaces dry after cleaning, and instruct athletes to remove their wet clothing from the locker rooms after practice.

If needed, have a mold inspection done by professionals, such as American Environmental Specialists LLC.