Frozen Employees? 3 Ways You Can Save Your Workers from an Over-Zealous Air Conditioning System

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Do your employees shiver at their desks all summer long? If so, there might be something you can do about it. While you won't be able to please everyone since each person's metabolic rate is different, you may be able to find a happy compromise that will allow your workers to reserve their sweaters and jackets for the colder months. If the majority of your employees are complaining about being cold when the air conditioner is on, try one or all of these tips and you might just save your employees from your over-zealous air conditioner. 

Have Your System Upgraded

Your air conditioning system might need to be upgraded so it can keep your entire building at a comfortable temperature. Installing more thermostats at key points in the building will allow employees who are blasted by sunlight to lower the temperature in that zone while those who sit in the shadows can enjoy a warmer setting. Additionally, many older air conditioning units were designed to cool offices that had old lighting technology, which generates a lot more heat than today's LED lights. By upgrading to a new system that doesn't try to compensate for hot lights, you can keep the temperature much more comfortable. 

Shake Things Up

Usually, the people who are the coldest are those who have to sit under an open vent that's blasting cold air while the air conditioner is running. If you can, rearrange your furniture and work stations in a way that allows your employees to sit as far away from air conditioning vents as possible. If someone has to sit under the vent, it should be the person who's always hot. 

Change Your Dress Code

Women are often much more comfortable at higher temperatures than men are. In fact, studies have shown that women prefer a temperature that's five degrees warmer than the temperature that men prefer. However, men usually have to wear more clothing in the office, such as a dress shirt, suit jacket, and tie. Women have much more leniency when it comes to attire. These dress code differences leave men sweltering and women shivering. If at all possible, you might want to consider lightening the dress code around the office so that men can wear cooler clothing. 

You will never be able to find a temperature that's ideal for everyone, but you may be able to please the majority. Add more thermostats, revamp your system, and change the seating arrangement around the office to keep your workers comfortable when the air conditioner is on. You may also wish to contact a service like Associated Mechanical Contractors, Inc. to inspect your system and make sure it's running properly and efficiently.